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What's a Technology Scorecard?

Finding the right technology for your business requires a long-term IT strategy and plan. At Nucleus, a key aspect to formalizing each clients IT roadmap is the Technology Scorecard; one of the main outputs of our onboarding project. Let’s take a deep dive into why it’s a key deliverable and what’s included in the review. 
During the onboarding process of every new client, we assess all current state technology; we essentially run a fine-tooth comb through the complete IT infrastructure.
This initial review/assessment process and the complete onboarding project (4 weeks) provides us with the insight required to not only have a new clients infrastructure documented for support but delivers transparency and insight into the holistic infrastructure and what gaps may exist. It is a comprehensive evaluation of a wide range of IT-aspects related to the performance and security of an organization’s IT environment, but also includes a review of current state technology, benchmarked against industry best practices. 
Our New Client Engagement Process 

Managed IT Onboarding

One major output of onboarding is the initial Technology Scorecard. Technology Scorecards are delivered annually (at a minimum) and include detailed recommendations and applicable project pricing for required technology upgrades. Key areas of review include:  

  • Internet connectivity
  • Networking
  • Physical environment
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Security
  • Office Productivity
  • Backups
  • Standards

Our Scorecards outline critical issues present within your technology ecosystem, as well as provide recommendations on how to mitigate security risks. This can include anything from migrating to Microsoft 365, to implementing Multi-Factor Authentication, to updating outdated hardware like servers and firewalls.   

Signs your Business Needs an IT Assessment  

There are lots of signs your IT isn’t operating efficiently; here’s the common issues we see when onboarding new clients:  

  • Downtime/outages  
  • Poor technological stability
  • New technology needs
  • No technology standardization  
  • Security threats/incident
  • Expansion and growth plans
  • Outdated technology
  • Compliance

When you onboard with Nucleus, you receive a Technology Scorecard which includes a detailed review of current state technology that helps to identify any problems that are causing disruption or slowing down your business. If you want to learn more about Nucleus, our onboarding process, or our Technology Scorecards, contact us!


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