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Tech for Kids donation to Lord Roberts Elementary

Lord Roberts

Early this year we launched the Tech for Kids program which is a charitable initiative with a goal of providing technology resources to kids/youth in an effort to become intellectual explorers. We’ve worked with our clients over the past few months to gather equipment donations (old working computers) for schools, community centers and youth facilities.

Our Tech for Kids initiative was recently featured on Vancitybuzz which garnered a handful of inquiries from schools and members of the public. This is how we were introduced to Lord Roberts Elementary school who needed computers for their computer lab.

Lord Roberts Elementary, an elementary school of approximately 600 students, required six computers to complete their computer lab. We had the opportunity to visit the school, talk to teachers, parents, and kids who would be using the computers. We were excited to provide our first Tech for Kids donation of 6 Dell computers!

We want to say thank you to all of our wonderful clients for supporting this great initiative and helping us with our goal of making technology accessible to kids everywhere. This is an ongoing initiative at Nucleus and if you have good, working computers that you’d like to donate, please let us know!

We are local!