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Meet Matthew, Nucleus’ Support Manager

At Nucleus we have six Support PODS. We’ve outlined why we value this POD support model, and we’ve previously introduced you to some of our POD Managers. But there is a key support team resource we haven’t introduced yet. That’s Matthew, Nucleus’ Support Manager. Based in Vancouver, Matthew is a member of our Leadership team and leads Nucleus’ Support Team at Nucleus. He is an escalation point for POD Managers and ‘owns’ support within Nucleus. In this month’s employee feature, we sat down with him to learn about his career and role at Nucleus.  

How did you end up at Nucleus? 

I started my career in Managed Services as a Tier 1 Support Technician working my way up to my current role over a five-year period. My first position was at a large national Managed Service Provider (MSP) where I learned a lot about the industry itself while developing my technical and client service skills. In my second position at a smaller British Columbia MSP, I stepped into a management role, and it was my combined experience that landed me my position at Nucleus.  

Anything unique about your experience at Nucleus? 

There are a few different ways we are unique in the MSP space. Firstly, we offer flexibility in our services. Our IT solutions are not a one-size-fits-all package. Yes, we have standard processes, policies and best practices but we recognize that every business has unique needs. But we work with our clients to build specialised IT solutions aligned with their goals. Second, our team gets to work with cutting edge technology; our technology partners are industry leaders. We’ve recently just upgraded our security offerings to provide Extended Detection and Response (XDR); the next generation of endpoint protection. It’s exciting being able to learn and use the latest security technologies. Lastly, the bulk of our leadership team have been at Nucleus for many years, most of them starting as techs, growing into leadership positions. Their experience informs their decisions, and they actually care about how our clients' technology is utilized; decisions aren’t driven by profit. 


What’s your typical day like at Nucleus as the IT Support Manager?  

My job involves five key areas: communication, client advocacy, analytics and reporting, assisting team members, and human resources. I am responsible for ensuring the flow of communication between different PODs and departments and this also involves working with our Client Success Managers to address and resolve client issues. In terms of analytics and reporting, sometimes we need reports on the fly; it’s my responsibility to put the reports together for review. I also function as a support escalation resource. I assist and review tickets, troubleshoot and help in any technical capacity that I can. Lastly, I play a part in human resources and culture; interviewing prospective employees, celebrating wins and helping foster a lively social culture. All my work is facilitated by multiple key tools: My Outlook calendar for scheduling, Zoom for meetings, Brightgauge for creating and running reports, and our leading CRM/ticketing system.  

What is your most memorable work moment?  

We have years of experience supporting the Canadian Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Some of our longterm clients are from the AEC sector and we’ve worked hard developing our skills, learning their technologies and unique needs. We thrive on feedback, and we recently received some amazing feedback from an architectural client outlining their positive experience with us. It’s moments like that and every time I get to share a client milestone that makes me proud of the work I do.  

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What are you most passionate about when it comes to technology? 

Technology connects people. It allows people to communicate across long distances with loved ones and meet like-minded individuals and enables us to work remotely.  

What’s your favourite aspect about working at Nucleus? 

The people! We have a fantastic team across all of Canada, the Philippines and Mexico. One of our core values is no ego and it’s a value we all share. I’m grateful for the mentorship I have received from my peers and happy now that I can mentor others. We all support one another.  

There are also a couple of perks that also stand out. Our Vancouver office is accessible by SkyTrain so I can get to work quickly as our office is right downtown and secondly, the training opportunities. Technology is always evolving and staying up with it requires ongoing learning. I’m approaching my one-year anniversary and I am grateful for the leadership training I’ve received from the executives. I’ve also learned better time management skills and become a stronger multi-tasker.  

Interested in working in a POD at Nucleus? Visit our career page for open positions or reach out to us!   

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