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Which box are you in?

Given the seemingly infinite and still expanding list of sync products from Google, DropBox, Microsoft and others, if you are anything like me, you probably have a few of them loaded up.

Some people have their photos automatically upload to DropBox. Some have their contacts sync’d to their work email server or iCloud. Some have their work documents saved on Dropbox and sync’d across all the devices they use. That’s sure an upgrade over emailing the document to myself like I used to!

The benefits to me as a user are obvious. I can work on a document, throw it in Dropbox and it’s there waiting for me by the time I get home. Beyond that, I can edit and review it on my iPad on the way home. As a business owner, I want my employees to be able to work as effectively as possible, however I also want to ensure that I retain control of that information. I trust my employees, but I also want to know that if for some reason we need to terminate an employee, that we can delete the files that are on that persons iPad and home desktop. For certain organizations, it’s critical that all of our data stays within our Canadian borders and is encrypted before travelling over the internet where a copy is stored in the cloud.

As a business owner, there are a few questions we need to ask our IT:

  •  If we have an employee leave, can we wipe out the files on their personal devices?
  • Are my files secure from nosey hackers and government agencies while travelling over the internet, or while stored in the Cloud?
  • Do I have multiple passwords to all these services that I can never remember when I need them?
  • If we are sharing these files out to people in other organizations, how do I track who has access and when those files have been accessed? Can I stop that sharing if I want to?

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