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Penetration Testing for SMBs

Cybercrime is constantly on the rise with threats evolving faster than our security solutions. The best approach to cybersecurity is a multi-layered one and for some small and mid-sized businesses this includes penetration testing (pen-testing). While the objectives of penetration testing are two-fold: to pinpoint network vulnerabilities and define a remediation plan – there are many benefits to completing a pen-test. In this blog post, we will explain what pen-testing is and how it can improve your cybersecurity strategy.  
What is penetration testing? 
Penetration testing is a simulated threat exercise that tests the efficacy of an organization’s security defenses using the latest techniques, tactics and procedures designed to evade security controls. It is conducted by certified cybersecurity experts augmented by threat intelligence from hundreds of sources and based on globally recognized pen-testing frameworks and standards.  

endpoint security

There are different types of penetration testing with the two most common being external and internal. External tests are an assessment of your perimeter systems. Your perimeter comprises all systems accessible directly through the Internet. Outside access may be gained through assets like email, websites, file shares etc. Internal tests evaluate what could happen after a hacker penetrates the internal network and gains access and control over an organization’s most valuable information.   

Why penetrating testing? 

Penetration testing is recommended for all organizations that require the most accurate understanding of their cybersecurity defense. Some businesses are mandated by regulators, for instance in financial services, health care and government. Other businesses include penetration testing in their security plan because of their perceived higher risk. For instance, they may be:  

  • Considered a potential target for cyber espionage, cyber criminals or “hacktivists” 
  • Cannot tolerate the loss of data, trade secrets or intellectual property 
  • Have critical assets needing protection 


  • Uncover unknown security risks 
  • Meet compliance needs 
  • Strengthen cybersecurity strategy 
  • Reduce cost of cybersecurity breaches beyond remediation costs, forensics, legal fees etc. to also includes losses from the downtime, reputation, and most importantly, customers


  • Identify areas of greatest risk 
  • Areas of remediation ranked by criticality 
  • Determine how to strengthen security posture 
Penetration testing provides your organization with the most accurate insight into your cybersecurity defense. Standard deliverables include an executive summary for management and a technical report outlining the findings and recommendations for possible mitigation strategies and approaches. To learn more about the scope of Nucleus’ penetration testing services and pricing, reach out to us.  

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