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Office Moves

Whether your business is expanding an existing office or moving into a brand new location, you’ll need help re-locating your technology and ensuring that your IT is properly setup at your new site. When we sat down with Rosie, our Project Coordinator late July, she highlighted an ongoing trend among our client base; office moves. For a variety of reasons, many business leaders decided that what was initially considered a temporary shift to remote and/or hybrid work will now remain permanent. Starting mid-2021 and continuing into this quarter, office moves are one of the most common Nucleus IT projects. Businesses that have embraced hybrid work environments long-term are downsizing office space, others are closing offices and opening larger ones and some are simply re-configuring the layout of their workspaces. 

Throughout our 21 years in business most of our clients have had more than one move and we’ve moved ourselves multiple times. We’ve fine-tuned our process to take the stress out of any office move. Our Project Consultants at Nucleus can help you with an end-to-end move experience. Here’s how we do it…

office moves
Upper left to right: Nucleus was founded in 2001 and operated out of our founders condo, Nucleus first office in 2007 on Pender, our 2010 Gastown office and our 2017 office on Hornby

IT Hardware Documentation

Before the move, all of your hardware components are already documented. This makes it easy for us to track it all during the move. Hardware includes workstations, servers, IoT devices, network components, and other pieces of hardware, like cables and audio/visual conferencing, etc.

Coordination of the Move

From A to Z we coordinate the move and work directly with the Point of Contact. Before you move, we ensure that your new your office is ready so that your IT systems are operational from day one. During the move, we work with third-party contractors (general contractors, interior designers, property managers, electricians, Internet Service Providers) on server/data room, boardroom and workspace design to ensure the IT environment aligns with the aesthetics of the new office space. We also coordinate with our structured cabling and AV partners to meet the needs of clients in their new space. It’s during a move that we deploy the latest teleconferencing technology to align with the individual needs of each organization. Examples of cloud-based voice solutions are Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. 

Additionally, we work with the physical movers themselves and provide clients with recommendations and best practices heading into their moves to help minimize downtime and streamline the move process. This can be anything from providing advice with what to ask for when arranging movers to scheduling move times after hours to mitigate impact to the business.

Timely Planning and Consulting

Investment in cloud services as a result of the pandemic and shift to remote work has increased exponentially since March 2020; however, it is often throughout the office move planning process that technology is re-evaluated. If your business is still relying on some legacy IT, an office move is ideal time to re-consider your technology, replace dated hardware, upgrade your telephone system to a cloud-based solution and embrace newer technologies. Our dedicated consultations will help you capitalize on this opportunity by analyzing your current technology, operations and processes. We will work with you early on in the process to develop a strategic roadmap that will help simplify the move and improve your IT in the new space.

Benefits of Working with an Managed Services Provider 

  • Minimize downtime
  • Experience
  • Save time
  • Simplified communications and coordination
  • Maximize productivity and business continuity

How We Do it:

  • Documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures (process)
  • Initial “discovery” on-site to determine needs and preparation
  • Infrastructure audit
  • New site evaluation

If your company is planning an expansion or relocation, minimize disruption to your business and ensure a smooth transition with Nucleus’ Project Services team. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about how we can supercharge your technology.

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