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Neuro Kidz Guatemala

Earlier this year, we introduced a new project at Nucleus: Tech for Kids. It is an initiative that aims to provide day care centers, after-school care centers, and community youth facilities with technical equipment to encourage innovative learning for children of all ages.

Currently, we are working on a Tech for Kids project for a school in Guatemala: Neuro Kidz. It is a preschool offering educational services to kids. The school consists of three campuses within Guatemala. Every campus represents an interactive environment, built up as a small town, where kids are able to learn new things in a playful manner. In order to introduce the kids to technology, Neuro Kidz is in need of 30 computers (10 computers per campus).

This is where you can help! In the next couple of weeks we are hoping to obtain as many equipment donations as possible (monitors, desktops/laptops, keyboards, and mice). Keep in mind, we need working/functional equipment. Instead of throwing away your old computers, donate them to Neuro Kidz in Guatemala – our technical team will be donating their own time to erase/wipe the computers of any data before setting up the computers for donation.

We need your help – let’s work together for a good purpose. If you have equipment to donate, please send an email to


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