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Heartbleed Bug: What you need to know

Heartbleed is a bug that allows access through the most common types of web based security (the kind that your bank employs when you check your online accounts, or your yahoo mail when you check it).  These types of connections are encrypted, however this bug allows those with nefarious intentions to gain access.

Not all sites are affected. There are different companies that provide this type of security, and not all of them are affected, however some major sites you use probably are. What you need to do:

  • Wait for an announcement from any secure site that you normally use to state whether they have been affected or not, and whether they have applied a security update.
  • After the site announces that they have applied the security update, change your password to their site.
  • Keep a careful watch on any of your sensitive online accounts (webmail, banking, etc) for any suspicious activity.

Here is a list of common sites and what actions you should take with them.

If you use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, there are a couple common settings that you should change to ensure you are protected. These are not foolproof, however they are recommended features.

Internet Explorer: Tools, Settings, Advanced Settings

Firefox: Settings, Advanced, Validation

Chrome: Settings, “Show Advanced” and find this setting down the page

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