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Meet Nadir, Client Success Manager

A big part of our success and what makes Nucleus stand apart from other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is our investment in a dedicated Client Success team. This team focuses on measurable business results, fostering client relationships, and driving IT best practices and standards. We’ve shared the inner workings of the department before, so this month we wanted to take a deep dive into what a day-in-the-life as a Client Success Manager (CSM) at Nucleus is like. We sat down with Nadir, one of our Vancouver Island-based CSMs to learn about his experience and why the function of this team is so valuable in our industry.  
Where did your Career Journey in Client Experience Begin?   
My first job was delivering newspapers as a kid. I learned early on how to build relationships with everyone on my route. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria and over the last six years, I’ve worked in customer service roles for small and large businesses. 
What Stands out as Different at Nucleus?   
The culture and the scale. The IT professionals here are confident, knowledgeable and passionate about their work while still managing to remain approachable and people-first. Also, as a national MSP, we have much greater capacity than smaller MSPs. The POD model allows us to understand our subset of clients especially well, sort of mimicking a smaller company within a larger company to ensure clients receive a more boutique-style experience and relationship. Nucleus also tailors IT solutions to a wide array of businesses without compromising the in-depth IT specialization that some sectors need. Nucleus demonstrates a lot of maturity in the Canadian MSP space.  

What’s your Typical Day like at Nucleus as a CSM?   
No day is ever quite the same, as the main point of contact for the clients in our respective PODS we work on a variety of initiatives. We may be creating and presenting Technology Scorecards to clients (a deep dive into their technology, IT budget and annual roadmap objectives), helping with communication and achieving ideal support outcomes, working with our project team to scope out new exciting projects for clients, or even working with our finance team on billing/invoicing. Having such a dynamic role with lots of interaction with different clients and teams keeps life at Nucleus fresh. Typically, I have a standing meeting with most clients at least once a month to check in, some more and some less often. Of course, we may have more frequent ad hoc discussions depending on the current happenings.   
What Tools and Metrics Do you Use and What one Could you Not Live Without?   
We aim to work with all our clients on their Technology Scorecard planning as a key metric. We also try to maximize our face-to-face meetings to form deeper connections. Monthly operational reports from BrightGauge give our clients a great snapshot into their current technology health and can help drive talking points as well. We communicate a lot through email or on Zoom as well. 

What Happens at the Monthly Client IT Meetings?  
Monthly meetings are a scheduled touchpoint to go over the state of each clients technology, review monthly operational/technical reporting, and keep the relationship and their goals with Nucleus on track. Clients know that they can bring an agenda to these meetings and we can work together on their most important priorities. CSMs prepare an agenda as well, to ensure we are checking in on ongoing initiatives or deliver news on our evolving technology stack and best practices. We sometimes use this time to address opportunities for improvement in our service delivery or answer questions about how to best utilize Nucleus services.  
How Important is your CSM Team in our Industry?   
Many MSPs do not have Client Success departments. As a team, we build client relationships. And a big part of our role is communication; we aim to respond promptly to all new direct inquiries and communicate key priorities and objectives. Our PODS and especially our POD Managers are in constant communication with us if there is something happening with our client in another area of the business, such as a technical support issue. Similarly, we’re in constant contact with our Project Services team as most clients have ongoing or upcoming projects. Our CSMs are client advocates, we need to understand our client’s concerns and clearly address their questions as promptly and efficiently as possible.   
What is your Most Memorable Client Engagement?   
Every interaction is memorable! Building relationships and working with clients as partners to achieve objectives is the best part of Nucleus and our business. We get into the trenches with our clients shoulder-to-shoulder to get things accomplished! 


Tell us about YOU! What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Nucleus?   

I enjoy getting away from the hustle and getting outdoors exploring BC one weekend at a time.  
How do you balance your work/life?   
Being able to work remotely has afforded me much more balance in my life. I also attribute my balance to enjoying my work and the company of the people I work with.  
If you have any questions about our Client Success team, our CSMs or our services in general, reach out to us!  


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