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Benefits of Procuring Computers from your MSP

All computers and hardware have a lifecycle and at some point need to be replaced. Most businesses that outsource their IT to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) work with their Client Success Managers and Procurement teams to develop a hardware refresh plan (Evergreen Plan) that meets their needs and budget. But some clients decide to purchase from resellers for a variety of reasons. In this blog post, we will outline the benefits of purchasing computers directly through an MSP.  

Businesses rely on computers to operate. Having computers that are up-to-date results in better productivity and improved security. With a MSP, businesses can rely on professionals to manage your entire IT environment and that includes recommending and selling hardware solutions best aligned with your business needs. Here’s a list of the some of the main reasons why businesses rely on their MSP for all their procurement needs.  

Key Benefits 

IT Asset Lifecycle Management – Evergreen Plan: Your Client Success Manager (CSM) will help you map out a computer refresh plan that will ensure productivity, predictable IT budgeting, optimal securityand help you be prepared for growth and scalability. Your CSM knows your IT environment and can best help you navigate new purchases. 

Documentation: A proper Evergreen Plan couldn’t exist without documentation and when it comes to this aspect of your business, your MSP knows and documents all aspects of your IT environment. 

Assistance: MSPs have procurement departments with experienced employees to make purchases, manage vendor relationships, handle logistics, etc. They can save the client time looking for the correct models, have access to resources in the event something goes wrong, offer consistent cost savings and ensure purchases include the correct warranties and accessories. 

josh and JeffJeffrey, Procurement Coordinator and Josh, Procurement Manager

Accountability: With a MSP, businesses have a dedicated team that is accountable that strives for client satisfaction and handles any purchasing errors, refunds, credits, and is accountable for the whole procurement process. This team also has direct contact with distribution and additional escalation points. 
Competitive Pricing: MSPs can match web promo pricing with equal or better product when given the opportunity.  
Dedicated Channel Account Manager: Every MSP works closely with their partner representative who will escalate any issues or concerns to have them reviewed promptly. 
Lenovo Gold Partner 
We are a Gold Lenovo partner. They have helped us deliver stronger Managed IT Services by providing our clients with an extensive portfolio of computers and services, ranging from 24x7 support to secure asset disposal to special pricing. 
Purchasing through an MSP provides a straightforward option for buying hardware and will ensure your business is setup for success with a documented computer refresh plan. For more information about hardware purchases or assistance with creating a plan, reach out to your CSM or contact us to learn more about our services.

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