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Five Reasons why Small Businesses need Managed Cloud Services

Following the pandemic, many businesses quickly transitioned to the cloud, however some still have legacy software running on-prem or aren’t fully leveraging the full capabilities of cloud services. In this blog post, we highlight five reasons why small businesses need managed Cloud Services. 
Cloud Services provides access to on-demand storage, processing expansion, software applications, and databases. The problem is most SMBs (small-medium businesses) don’t have the internal expertise, time, or understand the transition plan required to move to the cloud, configure resources, to leverage their cloud environment at full capabilities. This is where Managed Cloud Services comes in. 
Five Benefits to your Small Business 
Scalable Resources: Cloud solutions scale up or down to meet current business demands without the need to make large-scale purchases or pay for excess resources you don’t need. 
Security: Storing your data on-site presents all sorts of risks resulting from server hardware failure, fire, power surge, extreme weather and more. Microsoft’s cloud security is always improving and allows you to take advantage of enterprise-grade security, like Modern Authentication, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, and conditional access policies. 

Cloud services

Hybrid Work, Adaptability & Productivity: Organizations with higher degrees of cloud adoption are less reliant on a single physical office space and Virtual Private Networks. Employees can work and collaborate securely from anywhere, anytime. 

Learn how we helped our clients Kinsight and Share Family & Community Services optimize a hybrid cloud environment for increased security, accessibility, productivity and scalability.

Predictable Costs: With many cloud services you can pay a fixed monthly or annual service plan, helping you keep a predictable IT budget. 

Reliability: Cloud services are available when you need them most, day or night. If there is a technical issue, you know that experts are working to resolve the problem.  

How can Nucleus Help? 

At Nucleus we have numerous cloud partners and experts that can help guide you to the right cloud technologies for your business needs. Our key areas of focus include: 

  • Cloud security & access policies  
    • Multi-factor Authentication 
    • Single Sign On 
    • Conditional Access 
  • Cloud storage 
  • Advanced cloud networking 
  • Migration services 
  • Integrations 
  • Cloud management 
    • Ongoing governance 
    • Policy management 
    • Cost optimization 

Cloud Services allows technology to evolve with your business. Modern cloud services are reliable, offer predictable recurring subscription-based services, improve productivity and collaboration, heighten security and are scalable. For more information on managed cloud services and how to better leverage your cloud environment, talk to us.  

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