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How AI and Machine Learning is Empowering your Cybersecurity Solution

The best defense against ever-evolving cyber threats is a multi-layered approach. The security products and tools that we use as a Managed Services Provider evolve as the cyber threat landscape changes. Cybercriminals are using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to execute malicious attacks and businesses now need to embrace the same technologies to defend against these threats. In this blog post, we will outline how our industry is leveraging AI and Machine Learning (ML) to better protect our clients.  

AI and ML has been integrated into cybersecurity solutions for some time now in automated incident detection and response. For the most part, this remains the key area of AI and ML integration in security solutions. Four of the most common uses are as follows: 

Preventative Strategies & Response: Automated detection to prevent malicious files and processes early in the attack lifecycle. For instance, cyber analysts can get rapid, accurate and detailed responses to any question, in any language, a task that would have in the past taken years of experience, hours of research and multiple queries. 

Enriched Context: AI and ML transform siloed data from businesses’ entire networks, the cloud and endpoints and correlate it with information from third-party sources to give greater context to incidents and contain future attacks. 

Advanced Network Visibility: Singularity Ranger provides deep visibility into a network using AI-driven agents and ML which in turn provides clients with more complete risk assessments. 

Improved Security Policies: Automated security policies that can respond to a threat if a critical incident has been detected. 

Key Benefits 

  • Real-time detection 
  • Fast response 
  • Cross-stack visibility: insights derived from multiple events are contextualized into a single incident 
  • Machine-built enriched context and correlation that transforms disconnected data into “stories” for security analysts  
  • Automated enriched threats and threat intelligence: uses a combination of feeds and sources to enrich endpoint incidents with real-time threat intelligence providing additional contextual risk scores 
  • Automated response across different domains: enables analysts to take all the required actions to automatically resolve threats with one click, without scripting, on one, or all devices 
Nucleus’ Managed Security Services solution via Managed SentinelOne XDR encompasses AI and ML-powered prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoints, entire environments and devices in a single autonomous platform. Stay tuned for our post next week on the difference between Managed Detection and Response and Extended Detection and Response. To learn more about our Managed Security Services, schedule a meeting with us.  

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